Dealer Profile

Marv Jorgenson and Chopper City Sports are truly the FORCE BEHIND THE POWER!

Chopper City Sports has made it their mission to offer true tested high performance products. Making the most of any high performance machine requires calculated integration of product and set-up. When you purchase a product from Chopper City Sports you will experience what it takes to integrate today's technology with our wealth of performance knowledge. At Chopper City Sports, we believe there are no shortcuts to researching and developing products that truly build speed.

In addition to being one of the top Polaris Dealers in the country, Chopper City Sports expanded its family with the adoption of Boss Hoss Motorcycles in 1999. The powerful V8 bike was introduced to the upper mid five state area by Chopper City Sports and its introduction has since grown into a manufacturing business for Marv and his crew. Marv is the innovative and creative influence and he now manufactures over 75 custom parts just for the Boss Hoss Motorcycle.